Does your business need a different look?

We Know What To Do.

Our approach is simple. It’s personal. It’s effective. And it starts with your story.

We believe that every business has a story to tell and we love telling stories. Maybe you have something to say on your website, we can do that for you. Or you have something to say in a brochure, we do that also. If you don’t know how to put your story together, we even do that too! 

We love helping small businesses tell their story to the world.

| Get To Know The Team

Jamie Sharpe
Content Management
Ben Harrington
Marketing & Design
Brett Johnson
Tech & Support

Want to know what drives us?

We want to be the leading Strategic Communications Consultants in the Midwest by providing affordable and creative solutions in marketing, web design and business development that ultimately produces successful results for our clients. Here’s how we do it:

We promote The WOW Effect

The WOW Effect is where Affordability meets Creativity. We provide a “WOW Effect” to our clients when we give them outstanding and creative services for an incredibly low cost. We believe that we can give people great services worth more than what we charge them by keeping our overhead low.

We develop irresistible outcomes

Our number one mechanism to grow StrategyPlus is based on results. We will ultimately be judged by the successful results that our clients can see in their business. When our clients are happy with what they see, they will tell others - we call that our Irresistible Outcomes.

We create art that works

Our belief is that in everything that we do, creativity and functionality can live together. It doesn’t make sense to us if we give our clients an awesome looking design doesn't work or a functional piece that doesn’t reflect our creative side. The we was look at it is if Creativity is king, then Functionality is his lady.

We share brutally simple ideas.

The greatest enemy in communication is a confusing message that comes from an over-complicated idea. Our leading standard is to strip down every idea to it’s simplest form so that everyone can participate in the development. In the end, simplicity breeds clarity and clarity produces great stories!