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Earn Extra Money

Earning an extra $100 couldn't be easier!

Most of our business comes from satisfied and loyal clients who talk about our great services. We want to give back to everyone who shows us love!

It's time to say Thank You.

So, we have started our, "Earn a $100 bill" deal, to say thank you for all the great things you have been saying about us.

How does this work?

Easy, just keep talking. The more you talk about StrategyPlus, the more you earn. There is no limits! If you know of someone who needs a website and you send them our way, we will give you a $100 referral bill. We have set some ground rules:

  • Only for current designs. This isn't for websites prior to November 1st, 2015. Sorry, we've spent that money! And this is only going to last until December 25th, 2016.
  • We don't read minds, your friends have to tell us who sent them. We ask, but if they don't tell, you can't claim the cash! So remind them to tell us who sent them.
  • $100 referral only applies to web designs packages. Basically, we got to make money for you to earn money!
  • One bill for one referral. Let's say you send your friend to us and they let us design a website for them, you get $100. But down the road (time goes by) they need a new website and decide to go with us because we are awesome, you don't get that referral!
  • Unlimited cash. If ten of your friends sign up for our web design packages, you get TEN $100 bills! It's that simple. So keep spreading the word.