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Mobile Web Design by StrategyPlus - Peoria

I struggled for over a year to find an experienced website provider. Of course, finding a web designer wasn't difficult; but finding one to deliver quality and value was the main challenge. StrategyPlus did an exemplary job of exceeding my expectations.

We developed a partnership.

StrategyPlus took charge. They didn't just build a website. We developed a partnership. They helped me drill down to my core objectives, set short-term to long-term goals, designed and built my website, and have taken on maintenance responsibilities. And as my needs have increased, for instance, SEO/SEM or building more pages, they have anticipated my needs and provided value based solutions.

I believe StrategyPlus can help.

Working with StrategyPlus has been a pleasure. They handle all my digital headaches so I can focus on growing my business. They really care about their work and client experience.

Thank you StrategyPlus!

Chris Hamrick talks about how StrategyPlus helped Kids First

Chris Hamrick, CEO of Kids First Community