The Excuses That Kill

Held Back By Yourself

I have a friend, who I will name Alexa for privacy sakes, Alexa is a gifted friend of mine who can read faster than anyone I know while understanding the material, she is a walking database of stories and fun facts she reads off of Pinterest. Though she may be able to read and comprehend stories and fun facts, she stumbles sometimes in reality when it comes to basic life skills like changing a flat tire, cooking her own meal, or maintaining a consistent schedule for school and such. Whenever I ask if she knows how to do something like make coffee or start a fire, she replied briskly with “I don’t know how, last time I almost destroyed something.” Being a good friend I often offer to teach her how to do it, knowing it’ll be a valuable life skill in the future, and again she replies, “Levi, I’ll just mess it up again, I just can’t do it.”

I Just Can’t Do It

Those five simple words, are the desolation to overcoming obstacles in life, the fear of failure, or missing the value of a task, or just being lazy can all be summarized in our society in those five words, “I just can’t do it.” Why do we tell ourselves that? I’m not saying go fly to Europe using a man-made kite, that’d be crazy! (Actually, that’s just a plane) The main point I’m shooting for in this blog is to not let the excuses of life hinder you, ever. Whether it’d be, “Well God will do something about when he comes again” or “I will only fail and be reminded of it for the weeks to come by my friends.” To overcome excuses, you need to just go for it, create habits, whether it’s working out when you don’t feel like it, or skipping out on that desert that you know will add an inch to your waist, and especially when you are given the opportunity to learn something new. We are humans, which is a distinct animal because we can act outside of our “Human Nature” by working out harder, dieting, teaching, learning, and leading.

You Got More Than You Know

One of the most interesting parts of the human brain, is that it tells us that we have reached out max way sooner than you’d expect, the Navy Seals say that once your brain and body say it’s time to stop, you still have 40% left until you will putz out, 40%! Can you imagine how much you haven’t done because you thought you hit your limit, you couldn’t do more or learn more?

Don’t let your mind say you can’t do something until you have tried and failed multiple times, and even then you still have a chance of succeeding. Always take the opportunity to learn or improve, because that is what helps us become who we are for the years to come.