The Average

God uses, “The Average” to change the world. Often times, people think that it’s the so-called pastor “Rock Stars” that God wants to use in big ways. That is simply untrue. He wants to use YOU in mighty ways.

Because of all the attention that celebrity pastors have, being an ordinary pastor now-a-days can be brutal. Everyone is comparing them and their ministry to what the “Rock Star” is doing down the street. You get raised eyebrows when you’re not writing a book, or growing your church to 5,000 people, or traveling the world curing hunger.

You internally get caught up comparing yourself to “better” leaders. I even went back and forth on posting this video because of they way I struggle with my words. I hope that as I fumble through this blog, I encourage you that EVERYONEcan be used by God…

// Go change the world //